England related grumbles continued

Yelping at the top of my voice, "Scholes you ginger c**t", he was the only one on that field that should have been booed. I'd had a few stella's, but they only aided my confidence to bellow out my pent up feelings about that inbred, manc scumbag. During the game at Wembley where United fans booed Terry, Lampard and Ashley Cole's every touch of the ball. I merely felt it my duty to remind everyone within verbal distance of my seat, that Scholes refused to play for his country this summer. All game.

We all know that playing for England in recent years has been nothing but a poisoned chalice, but the very players that fans up and down this country have been booing for England's embarrassing exit, are the ones that would give their all to play for their nation. The media have been all over Scholes in recent weeks, rightly so after some impressive performances in a United shirt. But so he should. He's had a whole summer to himself. Probably sitting on a deckchair in his modest back garden in Oldham. The press continually praise him and Giggs for staying out of the limelight all these years, but that's just because they're boring. Have you ever been to Bury? Dreary place. Explains a lot about the Neville's.

My point is that in the last few days, Ancelotti has confirmed that Lampard will certainly start against West Ham next weekend. Strange confirmation by the club to make at this early stage, having confirmed Terry and Lampard would miss both England games(Friday and this coming Tuesday)straight after the last club match. Immediaetly signalling the media to jump in, suggesting that Lampard and Chelsea intended on putting club before country during this break when the season has started back in August. Ancelotti obviously quickly quashed claims. My issue is, so what if they did? I think it's sensible. The Chelsea boys in particular have given every minute to the England cause and let's face it, if we're going on public opinion, they should step aside and let the youth have a chance with this new qualification campaign.

Up the chels!

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