Joe Cole

Joe Cole has gone and joined Liverpool, and in doing so has left a bit of bad taste in the mouth. I don't think there is anywhere in the division he could have gone that would not have left the feelings I have about the situation now. Maybe the graveyard of footballers careers, St.James's park. It would be easy for us to Chelsea fans to now be bitter about him, now he has left - but we are not Man United, fans. I genuinely do remember the good times he brought, and wish him the best.

There's just one or two things about what has happened that wrangles me. The grumbles about him moving for money just does not seem to want to go away. Quotes from Ancelotti about his decision to leave was an 'economical' one suggests that he was offered a contract from the club that he did not find equitable enough. I would like to think that he moved to acquire a regular first 11 berth, as it fits the sort of profile that Joe Cole enjoyed as a firm fans favourite at the bridge.The second thing that really stung, Joe, was the 'Anfield aura' comments. We would like to think that you appreciated the raucous reception you got from the Matthew Harding, as if you were one of our own.

One of the English boys that people associate with the club as a whole, talked about the atmosphere in the stadium of his new team he was playing against, with admiration. A player being paid a mass salary by our club, in the semi-final of a European competition that we have never won before in our history.

"I thought about the Champions League semi in 2005 when I ran on to the field and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up" he said in the press conference.

I used to laugh at idiotic scousers that constantly reel out that sort of tripe. I cannot believe that somebody idolised by a club the size of ours, with the sort of character that gives Joe Cole the likability factor can stab the fans in the back like that. Then again, ask the few West Ham fans with brain cells and they will tell you exactly that. Celebrating the way he did when he scored a late winner for us against them. I have got visions of him doing that for Liverpool against us. Until that day however, good luck Joe.

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